of sharpie designs, and custom builds and designs to suit the customers needs, but we do have a limited number of plans available. Please inquire by submitting a request for what you are looking for on our Contact page.




The Old Florida Boat Company offers a selection

The Old Florida Boat Company offers a variety of services,

 some of which are:





The Old Florida Boat Company offers individual and group classes on all phases of boat design and construction, using current projects in our shop. Special workshops are available, as are half hull classes, lofting, and project assistance, etc. Please refer to our “Classes” page.



Visit the “Project” pages to see photographs of a variety of boats we are currently building, restoring, or developing for various motion pictures or historic events...


The Old Florida Boat Company is a small custom boat-building shop based in the historic seaside community of Saint Augustine, Florida. The company was founded by Capt John Lubbehusen, who began building boats in the early 70’s. All boats are built in wood, using traditional or modern wood composite methods, and specialize in boats from the southeastern region of the country, including the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and the Carolinas.

The Old Florida Boat Company also specialize in building and restoring boats from the Bahamas, Cuba, the Virgins and other neighboring island groups, such as the Bahama dinghies and fishing smacks.


The shop has also been involved in building recreations of historic ships and other vessels used in

motion pictures and in upcoming historic events

-  new boat design and construction                     

- vintage yacht and runabout restoration                          

- yacht interiors and joinery                                   

- sharpies, sailing skiffs and rowing craft                          

- small powercraft                                                       

- traditional cotton and canvas sails                 


- wooden masts and spars

- mast hoops, blocks, oars, etc.

- half hulls and models

- wood skylights and hatches

- historic reproductions

- traditional rigging


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